How to List Your Website on Search Engines

Once your site is working correctly with its domain name on our server, your next step may be to publicize and promote your website.


For instance, my (hypothetical) website connects properly when a person types in that address. However, obviously, I’ll also want to that website to show up when someone searches Google or Yahoo for “dogs” or “friends of dogs”.


Fortunately, there is no cost and very little effort involved in making this happen. You do not need the services of any search engine placement companies, and don’t usually need to send the information manually to the search engines.


Instead, you should concentrate on getting as many links as possible to your website. Just as you’d expect, the most effective places to get a link are the most logical. In the case of my “Friends of Dogs” website, I would concentrate on getting other dog websites to link to me (Good luck trying to get cat websites to help you out).


Doing this, you will not only get your website listed, but you will also improve your ranking in the results. Don’t be surprised if it takes a week or two to appear in the listings.


The best way to get people to visit or link to your site is probably to create compelling music, writing or other content. Put something up that you’re proud of and spread the word!


Here’s a link to a Google page explaining how to get listed; their advice is applicable to all major search engines.

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