Moving your website from your previous webhost to GoPro Hosting


You’ve purchased a GoPro Hosting account, and now you’d like to move your pre-existing website from your previous webhost to GoPro Hosting. How do you do it?

Fortunately, the process isn’t too difficult. You’ll need to do four things:

    1. Copy your website files to your GoPro Hosting account

Use an FTP Program (see our article on this subject) to download your files from your previous host to your computer (if necessary), and then upload from your computer to GoPro Hosting. The FTP settings are noted in your “New Account Information” email.

Important: All web files should go into the “public_html” directory or its subdirectories; any other location will not be visible on the Internet.

    1. Re-create any existing email accounts that you had at your old webhost
      Login to your cPanel (again, noted in “New Account Information”) and select “Email Accounts”. You can create unlimited numbers of email accounts or even forward addresses to outside email accounts. To avoid a disruption in mail service, make sure you add all the email addresses at your domain (ex. and

    2. Set your domain to point to GoPro Hosting
      Your domain name (ex. is probably currently pointing to your old webhost. You need to change the settings on your domain name to point to your websites new location at GoPro Hosting. Change the DNS servers (or name servers) to only include following servers:

    1. Change your email settings
      After a lag of up to 24 hours, your website should be functioning correctly at its new home at GoPro Hosting. There's one last detail -- you need to change your local computer's email client (ex. Outlook Express) to reflect your new email settings. Use the details provided in your "New Account Information" email.

And… you’re done! As always, contact our Support Department at if you experience any problems. If you’ve requested a Domain Transfer, please see our article on that as well.

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