AFM Adlib is a brand-new package from GoPro Hosting. In place of a traditional hosting package, AFM members can now start with a fully functioning website and begin editing immediately through an easy-to-use web interface customized with musicians in mind. It doesn't have a huge amount of flexibility, but in exchange it's fairly easy to learn and use. You can add, edit, and delete text, photos and sound files as well as easily create new pages.

AFM Adlib is based on the popular WordPress content management system (CMS) and allows you to write news items, as well as add pictures or sound files without having to learn html or hire someone to help edit web content. In exchange, you lose the ability to manually edit your themes or upload your own HTML files through FTP.

You can see an example site at There are several other themes available, and we are happy to install any of the other thousands of Wordpress themes available to anyone. Of course, the amount of pages (such as "Contact" and "About" can be expanded easily and you can add pictures and audio.


There is no charge for the AFM Adlib service. Simply select the hosting package of your choice and contact us if would like an AFM Adlib installation.